Kitchen and Bathroom Cabinets, Office Furniture, Architectural Millwork, and Store Fixtures


  • Ready to Spray
  • High Build/High Solids
  • Superior Chemical and Moisture Resistance
  • Low/No Formaldehyde Options
  • Excellent Clarity
  • Easy to Sand
  • Enhanced UV Protection
  • Self-Sealing


Axalta’s Ultraguard Conversion Varnish Sealer/Topcoat is a premium quality, post-catalyzed, alkyd-amino sealer/topcoat, formulated to offer exceptional durability and physical properties. As a sealer it dries fast, has excellent holdout, and sands easy. As a topcoat it provides a consistent dead flat appearance. It is supplied ready to spray (after catalyzation) and needs no further reduction. This product is designed for Professional use only. For wood substrates only.

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