Kitchen Cabinets, Tables, Furniture, and other interior wood surfaces


  • Premium, single-component finish
  • Ready to spray, no catalyst required
  • Fast drying
  • Excellent clarity
  • Easy to use and apply with excellent flow and build properties
  • Excellent mar, water, solvent and general chemical resistance
  • Easy to sand with excellent re-coatability
  • HAPs-free and low-VOC formulations available


Axalta’s Amarium Pre-Catalyzed LS Sealer is a premium quality pre-catalyzed lacquer sealer formulated to offer excellent durability combined with outstanding ease of use. It is a fast drying, easy to apply sealer, with excellent clarity and sanding properties. It is catalyzed at the factory and offers superior mar, solvent, and chemical resistance compared to typical non-stearated lacquer sanding sealers. When applied properly with its companion pre-catalyzed topcoats, the film properties of the system provide a tough, durable finish that passes all KCMA performance standards.

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