Kitchen and bathroom cabinetry, architectural millwork, furniture, and shutters. For wood substrates only. For interior use only.


• Low Odor – Finish in Shop or On-site with No Smell
• Dries Like Solvent Based Coatings
• Exceptional Clarity
• Extremely Low VOC


• ECL-0005 Dead Flat
• ECL-0010 Flat
• ECL-0020 Dull (or Dull Rubbed)
• ECL-0030 Satin
• ECL-0060 Semi-Gloss
• ECL-0090 Gloss


This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.


GEMINI EVO ECLIPSE Clear is a premium, technologically advanced waterborne topcoat for interior woodwork. Eclipse dries quickly, has great clarity, and is more user friendly than most low VOC solvent coatings. It exhibits excellent durability as a single pack product, and ECLIPSE’s dual cross-linking technology gives the finisher the ability to further increase durability and chemical resistance by adding an optional hardener.

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