Bar Tops, Kitchen Cabinets, Bathroom Vanities, Office Furniture, Displays & Fixtures, Commercial Cabinets.


  • Exceeds KCMA Standards
  • Non-Yellowing Formula
  • High Solids Content
  • Ready To Spray Viscosity
  • Resists Cold Checking
  • Sands Easily
  • 8 Hour Pot Life


Lenmar 1C.5300 MegaVar Catalyzed Vinyl Sealer is a versatile, non-yellowing, catalyzed sanding sealer. Once catalyzed, this fast-drying sealer offers an exceptional amount of solids for initial build, seals and fills most porous wood species in a single coat, and sands easily. This sealer can serve as an excellent foundation for use under any of Lenmar pre-catalyzed lacquers or conversion varnishes. Lenmar 1C-5300 catalyzed sanding sealer requires the addition of 4 ounces of 1A-622B Catalyst (3%) per gallon. Once dry, the sealer should be sanded with 320-grit sandpaper. Only catalyze the amount of sealer that will be applied in an 8-hour period.

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