Kitchen Cabinets, Window and Door Trim, Baseboards and Moldings, Interior Shutters, Displays


  • Exceptional Solids
  • Ready To Spray Viscosity
  • Non-Yellowing
  • Single Component
  • Four Sheen Levels


  • 1WB-202 Dull Rubbed
  • 1WB-204 Satin
  • 1WB-206 Semi-Gloss
  • 1WB-209 Gloss

This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.


Lenmar DuraLaq-WB 1WB-20X Series of White Waterborne Finishes are the natural choice where the uses of traditional solvent-borne lacquers are not desired or practical. The primary benefit is the non-flammability formulation. Additionally, DuraLaq-WB products easily clean-up with water and they form a durable non-yellowing finish all in a ready to spray viscosity. Use of waterborne systems requires spray equipment to be all stainless steel, verify design and function before use with waterborne products. Properly maintained equipment and lines will help to eliminate defects in coating performance.

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