Cabinets, Furniture, Display Units, Baseboards & Moldings, Interior Doors & Hand Rails


  • Ready to Spray
  • Three Controlled Tint Bases
  • Ready To Spray Viscosity
  • Resists Cold Checking

Sheen/Tint Bases

  • 1K01-9974 White, Satin
  • 1K01-9976 White, Semi-Gloss
  • 1K01-9979 White, Gloss


  • 1K01-9984 Deep, Satin
  • 1K01-9986 Deep, Semi-Gloss
  • 1K01-9989 Deep, Gloss


  • 1K01-9994 Clear, Satin
  • 1K01-9996 Clear, Semi-Gloss
  • 1K01-9999 Clear, Gloss

This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.


The Lenmar DuraLaq 1K01 Series of nitrocellulose lacquer tint bases are ideal for generating custom colors with the use of industrial colorants. These controlled bases are available in two sheen levels; gloss or satin. These sheens have three separate bases that are designed to take various amounts of industrial colorants based on the color’s formula. The white base will accept up to 4 ounces of colorant, deep base will accept up to 8 ounces and the clear base will accept up to 16 ounces. Primary benefits include an exceptional amount of solids for rapid build, fast drying and excellent flow-out over primed substrates. Intermixing of multiple gallons is recommended. Check the color for accuracy before proceeding

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