Kitchen Cabinets, Furniture, Window & Door Trim, Baseboards & Molding, Interior Doors & Hand Rails, Wood Floors.


  • 17 Pre-Mixed popular Colors
  • Tint Base For Custom Colors
  • Ready To Use Formulation
  • Uniform Penetration
  • Superior Grain Definition
  • Resists Fading and Bleeding
  • Fast Drying


  • 1202 Cherry Mahogany
  • 1203 New England Walnut
  • 1204 Dark Mahogany
  • 1205 Cordovan
  • 1206 Spice Brown
  • 1207 Golden Oak
  • 1208 Fruitwood
  • 1209 Special Walnut
  • 1209 Spanish Oak
  • 1211 Salem Maple
  • 1212 Ebony
  • 1213 White
  • 1214 Mission Oak
  • 1215 Dark Cherry
  • 1216 Blackberry
  • 1217 Dark Walnut
  • 1218 Traditional Cherry

This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.



Lenmar QuickStain Alkyd Wiping Stains have been uniquely designed for the professional woodworker in the Flooring, Furniture & Cabinet Industry and are formulated for ease of use, and color stability. The major benefits of this stain line include: 17 of the most popular pre-mixed stain colors, a natural/clear tint base for custom tinting with Lenmar Dyes and colorants (or another approved system), capability to intermix different colors to create new stains, ease of application for uniform penetration, superior grain definition, and resistance to bleeding and fading. Do not apply multiple coats of stain, remove all excess stain, and allow to thoroughly dry before applying topcoat.

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