Wood Floors, Office Furniture, Displays & Fixtures, Kitchen Cabinets, Bathroom Vanities, Commercial Cabinets


  • High Solids Content
  • Resists Moisture & Chemicals
  • Tintable
  • 6 – 8 Hour Potlife


Lenmar 1S.750 MegaVar Catalyzed White Undercoater is designed for the professional woodworker who demands maximum performance in a solid pigmented finish. Once catalyzed, this fast drying, VOC & HAPS compliant undercoater offers superior protection against moisture and household chemicals. The high solids formula builds to a beautiful and exceptionally durable film once cured. This conversion undercoater requires the addition of 3 ounces 1A.622, Catalyst (2.3%) per gallon. Reduce 25% – 40% with 1A.519 or 1A.406 after the addition of the catalyst. Only catalyze enough product that can be applied in a 6-8 hour period. The high solid content makes it possible to achieve a desired end result with just one coat.

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