Gymnasiums, Commercial Floors, Interior Hardwood Floors, Trim, Moldings, & Doors, and Furniture & Kitchen Cabinets


  • Approved By M.F.M.A.
  • High Solids Content
  • Self-Leveling Formulation
  • Resists Marring & Scuffing
  • Resists Household Chemicals
  • Four Pre-Mixed Sheen Levels
  • Self-Sealing


  • 1Y-915 Dull Rubbed
  • 1Y-617 Satin
  • 1Y-724 Semi-Gloss
  • 1Y-555 Gloss

This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.


Lenmar’s premium quality oil-modified polyurethane has been designed for the professional hardwood floor refinisher for use in both commercial and residential applications as well as gymnasiums. Its primary benefits include: superior flow out for a smooth self-leveling finish, an exceptional amount of solids for maximum build, and a tough durable film that helps resist household chemicals, marring, and scuffing when fully cured.

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